Digital Skills Cadetship Trial

About the Digital Skills Cadetship Program

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*employment outcomes are not guaranteed

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Upcoming Programs

Applications are open for the following programs:
Program Name Start Date Duration Program Type
Salesforce Administrator + ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology Skill Set Coming Soon 12 weeks Accredited + Industry Certification
Data Analytics and Cloud Training (DAACT) 26th September 18 weeks Non – Accredited + 3 industry certifications
AWS re/Start+ ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology Skill Set 14th November 12 weeks Accredited + Industry certification

How to Apply

Goanna Education has teamed up with Hudson to assist in the application and pre-screening process. To be consider for a place in one of the above programs please complete an application at the following link: 

Note: Completing an application is the only way to apply for a place in these programs, registering an Expression of Interest with Goanna through phone, email or our website will only receive this email again.

To be eligible to apply, you must

  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be available 9am – 5pm AEST/AEDT Monday – Friday for the duration of the program
  • Complete the Pre-Screening Assessments through Hudson
  • Competently Complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment ( for the accredited programs only)
  • Complete a brief interview with Goanna Education Admissions to determine if this program is appropriate for you and you motivation towards the program.

Reach out

Further information on the above programs can be provided to you, please just send an email to or call the team on 0435 837 697.