How to Transition to a Tech Career

How to Transition to a Tech Career: A Comprehensive Guide by Goanna Education

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Did you know that around 70% of people currently working in Australia’s technology sector did not start their careers in tech? [1] This fact underscores the immense potential for career transitions into the tech industry. The Australian tech landscape, celebrated for its diversity and flexibility, also offers an appealing prospect for those seeking both work-life balance and remote work opportunities. 

In an industry where the average salary is around $132,000 [2], not only does a tech career promise financial rewards, but it also provides a platform for engaging in innovative and future-focused work. As Australia aims to expand its tech workforce by 600,000 people by 2030 [2], this period marks an ideal opportunity for career changers to embark on a fulfilling journey into a dynamic and thriving industry that offers diverse paths to suit every passion. 

To delve deeper into the opportunities and nature of working in tech in Australia, the report ‘Australia’s Tech Jobs Opportunity – Cracking the Code to Australia’s Best Jobs’ by The Australian Tech Council offers valuable insights.  

How To Change Career

Get the Tech Skills Needed :

Developing Relevant Tech Skills Embarking on a tech career means building relevant skills in high-demand areas. But with a multitude of options from degrees to diplomas to certifications, and multiple specialisations to choose from, navigating the tech landscape can be daunting. You do not necessarily need a tech degree to transition to a tech career. Instead of spending four years on a degree, you can master in-demand tech skills by enrolling in online courses or a coding bootcamp [1]. This is where Goanna Education steps in. We collaborate closely with industry partners to create courses that reflect the most recent market demands, including our latest programs in AI, cybersecurity, and digital media. Our ASQA certified, self-paced courses come with a dedicated instructor offering weekly meetings, allowing you to transition smoothly into tech without sacrificing income or precious time. 

Develop Soft Skills: The Underrated Game-Changer:

Yes, tech requires technical skills, but the real game-changer? Soft skills. Think about it: if you’re interviewing for a tech developer role, all candidates will likely have technical expertise. The real differentiator will be in soft skills like problem-solving, communication, and adaptability. Communication, in particular, stands out as a cornerstone ability as Forbes has identified it as one of the most in-demand skills for 2024. According to Deloitte and the Australian Computer Association, “People skills will be increasingly in demand across all roles with technical and specialised skills being needed by different groups of workers.”   At Goanna, our curriculum emphasises these skills, ensuring you become a well-rounded professional ready to excel in the tech world. Our soft skills sessions often involve industry experts from LinkedIn, AWS, and others. 

Network: Your Gateway to Opportunities:

Networking is crucial in the tech industry. Goanna offers numerous opportunities, from job fairs to industry talks, to connect with alumni, industry experts, and peers. These connections can lead to mentorship, advice, and job opportunities. By enrolling with Goanna, you can benefit from our staffing services – we actively work to place you in roles where your new skills shine. For those looking to expand their professional network, platforms like LinkedIn and especially LinkedIn groups, Meetup and EventBrite are excellent resources. 

Build a Portfolio:

Experience matters, but how do you showcase it without actual work experience? Projects and portfolios! Goanna Education guides you through project-based learning to create a strong portfolio on platforms like GitHub, Behance, Dribbble, or CodePen. This provides a tangible showcase of your skills to potential employers.  

Get Job Ready:

Transitioning to a new industry doesn’t mean starting from scratch. It’s important to effectively tell your story, align your current skills with new tech goals, revamp your resume for ATS compatibility, and thoroughly prepare for your career transition. At Goanna our career advisors will make you job-ready, leveraging our industry relationships to help you find suitable roles. 

Networking Opportunities:

We facilitate various opportunities for you to network with industry professionals, alumni, and peers. These platforms are ideal for sharing ideas, gaining insights, and building valuable connections that can lead to potential job openings and collaborations. We also often host industry talks featuring guests from leading organisations like AWS, Canva, LinkedIn, and more.

Why Join Goanna

With Goanna, it’s more than just getting you job-ready; we actively support you in finding a job. Joining Goanna means becoming part of a community that understands your journey. Engage in open discussions, collaborative projects, and find friends, mentors, and a supportive network to help you transition into your new tech career.    

In addition to the comprehensive support and education offered, it’s important to note that our self-paced courses are fee-free for eligible candidates in NSW. This opportunity is a significant advantage for those looking to transition into the tech industry without financial strain. Training in priority qualifications is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth governments. 

A career change, especially into tech, is a journey of growth and learning. With Goanna Education, you gain more than just skills; you gain a partner committed to your success in this vibrant industry.  



Embrace the change and let us help you unlock the door to a fulfilling and prosperous tech career. Explore our self-paced courses and join a community that’s driving the future of tech here.

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[1] IBM, Exploring quantum computing use cases for logistics, 2020 

[2] ACS, Australia’s Digital Pulse, 2023.  

[3] IT Brief, Australian employees seek tech upskilling opportunities, 2023.  

[4] Australian Government, Working Future: The Australian Government’s White Paper on Jobs and Opportunities, 2023.  


Goanna Education RTO Code: 45707 

1300 402 582 



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