Our Story

Proudly Australian
and Indigenous Owned

Goanna Education was created by Corey Brown, a Gamilaroi man from Northern NSW, and Liam Harte, a Dunghutti man from the Mid-North Coast. Our founders wanted to ensure that all Australians including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and enterprises are able to participate in and benefit from the digital economy.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are Australia’s original innovators. We are committed to effective collaboration with our partners in Government, Academia, Industry and Corporate to identify and actively support current and future opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

The Original Innovators

While Indigenous Australians have been inventive for over 60,000 years, unless more is done to assist in closing the digital gap, there is a real risk that their communities may not be able to fully participate in the new Digital Era. 

Australian Indigenous education has seen no change at the senior school level of mathematics, science and reading literacy as well as a continued lag in ATAR achievement over the last 10 years. With such a widening gap, many Indigenous students will be left behind and excluded from emerging opportunities in future STEM fields.

STEM careers will provide educational, economic and social sustainability and self-determination for Indigenous people – closing the gap in economic participation and, not only lifting the expectations of what can be achieved by Indigenous peoples, but, enabling us to play a role in creating our own shared future.

Our Pledge

We intend to address the issues of the digital divide for all Australians, including Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander peoples by driving diversity in tech through innovative education solutions.

Goanna Education intends to realise a vision to:

  • Help close the gap in economic participation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; 
  • Raise expectations of what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can achieve; 
  • Enable our partners and the wider community to play a role in creating a shared future with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Given the opportunity to participate, we believe passionately that our peoples can thrive in the digital world and take their place in the economy of the future.

Goanna Solutions

Goanna Solutions and Goanna Education work together to foster diverse workplaces nationwide.

Goanna Solutions provides clients with an array of innovative, secure, and intuitive technology solutions including Human Resources, Professional and Advisory Services, Digital Technology and Consulting, and Infrastructure Technology and Supports. Goanna Solutions ensure that clients needs are met by our solutions, be they off-the-shelf, configured, or custom-built. 

Goanna Solutions has built its success on a reputation for quality services and customer value. Goanna Solutions now provides services to IBM, IMI, ATO, KBR, Coles, and TAFE NSW.