Goanna doesn’t just provide high-quality, innovative, intensive training. We also ensure that we create graduates who are job-ready candidates with the technical and professional skills that make them an immediate asset to any organisation.

Students learn in-demand technical skills and earn industry-recognised certifications that validate their ability in a professional setting.  But more than this, students develop professionals skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills through exposure to industry mentors and professional soft-skills training.

Our programs are only available to Australian citizens or permanent residents.


Goanna Education provides high-quality technology training that produces job-ready candidates for a number of positions

Graduates of Goanna Education are suitable for the following role:

  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Associate Cloud Consultant
  • Junior Cloud Engineers
  • Junior DevOps
  • Junior Developers
  • Level 1-3 IT Support
  • Tech Architect Delivery Analyst
  • Platform Developer
  • Junior Site Reliability Engineers


You need to be free to commit to full time study for 12-24 weeks. You need to be prepared to work hard and push yourself.

You should go into this training with a view to entering full time work after you’ve finished the course. (Which, let’s be honest, is pretty amazing). There aren’t many courses out there that ask you to be ready for a job after you’ve completed the work.

Finally: be excited. Enthusiasm will be your best friend. If you’re excited about building digital skills that will make you job ready, then this could be a life-changing opportunity.


"The Yapang Initiative is great opportunity for people like me who are on career break and want to re-enter the tech industry. AWS re/Start is not just another course, it boosts your self confidence and helps you build a network of friends and industry''
Student of the Yapang Initiative and Goanna Solutions Employee
"Excellent opportunity, an absolute privilege and honored to be part of the course and the team"
Habib A.
Student of the Yapang Initiative
"I would recommend Goanna Education to any person I know, as a friend, as a colleague, if they are looking for an opportunity BOOM ... this is the platform that they'll want to indulge in .... Goanna Education is the platform with everything there, you'll be missing out if you don't join"
Ehsaan K
Student of the Yapang Initiative
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"Its amazing how the Yapang Initiative was able to bring people from different backgrounds and different literacy in tech from Day 1"
Fola O
Student of our Data Analytics and Cloud Course
"I want to thank the (Goanna Education) team for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. Having you in my life opened my eyes to my own inner strength and has motivated me to become and do more. You have been incredible people both inside and outside of the classroom. I could never thank you enough."
Hamida E
Student of the Yapang Initiative
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'“I would like to share my experience of collaborating with Goanna Education and thank their team for providing me with all the necessary technical skills so I could commence my new career as a cloud engineer.'
Igor Z
Student of the Yapang Initiative