Develop Diverse Talent Pipelines

The World Economic Forum (WEF) identified that, by 2022, 85% of companies will have adopted big data and analytics technologies. WEF also found that 96% of companies were definitely planning or likely to plan to hire new permanent staff with relevant skills to fill future big data analytics related roles.

However, the pace of data generation hasn’t been matched by the growth in data wrangling skills. Many companies are simply unable to leverage their data and are keen to hire people who can help them mine their information for insights, innovation, cost savings and revenue drivers.

Work with us to discover, develop and build a pipeline of diverse technical talent that will drive innovation and your bottom line.

Expand Diversity

Our graduates are diverse in multiple ways but they all bring a hunger to learn, growth mindset and solid foundational technical skills.

Discover Talent

Today’s world demands a technologically skilled workforce

Change Lives

Helping to fund pathways for diverse talent does more than drive innovation, it also helps to create a more equal, cohesive society.

Bespoke Technical Training

The Goanna team has worked with both large and small organisations to design Training and Development programs for specific cohorts in order to develop a tailored pipeline of tech talent. Our Area of expertise is developing Junior/Redeployment/Career-Changer/Upskiller talent.

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Reconciliation Training

We help organisations build culturally safe environments, create Reconciliation Action Plans and develop cultural awareness training.

Goanna Solutions

By offering best-practice methodologies, Goanna Solutions attracts talent with the skills and qualities that address our client’s specific business needs.

We offer talented, capable people by virtue of our rigorous on-hire staffing solutions through a range of models tailored to suit every client’s requirements.