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AWS re/Start

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The Yapang Initiative is offering learners a program based on the successful Amazon Web Services (AWS) initiative known as ‘AWS re/Start’ which has been successfully run in five countries across the globe with hundreds of people having made a successful start in a new technology career, and employers have been thrilled to have a well-structured new source of skilled talent premised on the idea of building a pipeline for entry-level cloud roles.

Yapang translates as ‘pathway’ from the Dunghutti language belonging to the First Australian peoples from the Macleay Valley of New South Wales. The program is just that – a pathway for people from a range of diverse backgrounds (such as First Australians, women or veterans) who might not otherwise get the opportunity to start a career in digital technology.

AWS re/Start is a 12 week fee-free program  skills development program that prepares learners for entry-level careers in the cloud. The program’s mission is to build local talent by providing AWS Cloud skills development and job opportunities to unemployed or underemployed populations.

All courses are delivered in person over video-conference style e-learning by highly experienced and certified AWS instructors using course materials developed by AWS

Developing Skills of the Future

The learners enrolled in the Yapang Initiative’s ‘AWS re/Start’ course will study a curriculum that teaches AWS Cloud fundamentals, as well as other relevant skills such as Linux, Python, networking, cybersecurity, and relational databases.

The AWS re/Start Program curriculum comprises the following topics:   

IT Fundamentals

This category provides a foundational understanding of key IT concepts and practices needed to learn and use cloud technology. 

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AWS System Operations

This category introduces the use of AWS technology as a system operations team member.

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AWS Fundamentals

This category introduces core AWS Cloud tools and services providing the learner with a working knowledge of the concepts behind cloud computing, AWS Cloud offerings, and the AWS environment.

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Pathway to a Career

The training addresses a range of technologies and digital skills that would typically be highly relevant to entry-level roles in the following fields:

  • Cloud Operations
  • DevOps
  • Site reliability
  • Cloud platforms and infrastructure support.

Career pathway support is as students are connected with industry partners.

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Please note only this course is exclusively available to Australian Citizens. Additonal entry requirements and information is available below.

Information For Learners

The Program is designed to provide a pathway for people that may not ordinarily have the opportunity to enter the technology field. It seeks to give them all the information and skills development needed to gain a solid foundation to go on and be successful in that field.

We anticipate that all learners will have a passion and aptitude that will allow them to embrace every aspect of the program.

The Yapang Initiative is both comprehensive and intense – the selection criteria and enrolment processes that are applied to learners will ensure that the people seeking to join the Program have a clear commitment to the program’s objectives and the anticipated outcomes.


We invite philanthropic contributors to provide financial support for places on the program. Philanthropic funding for the program will provide catalytic funding needed to support the program in delivering learner success across Australia.

Non-financial or in-kind support are also very welcome. The program has technology needs (for example laptops and personal hotspots for learners) as well as logistical needs (catering, travel) that organisations may wish to provide.

Organisations may also wish to contribute in other ways that would contribute to the career-building for our learners, for example the Australian Computer Society has kindly offered complimentary membership to graduating learners.